Hill Associates represents quality products, responsive service, competitive pricing and conducts business with integrity.


Hill Associates provides distinctive furniture, lighting, carpet and rugs, leather and fabrics for interior and exterior design projects in the corporate realm. From office to public spaces, you will find everything you need to articulate your vision.


Creating exceptional living spaces that rejuvenate the soul is the heart of Hill Associates. Offering a selection of furnishings and lighting tailor made for public space and private residences, you will find plenty of tempting ideas.


Create a sense of home, especially when away from home. Hill Associates can find products to fit your vision and budget for hotels, resorts, spas, casinos, restaurants and country clubs.


From anti-microbial contract fabrics to quality home furnishings to decorative lighting, Hill Associates can assist with products that are made specifically for maturing populations and will appeal to these growing communities.



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Indoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture


Trusted. Dedicated. Experienced.


Larry and Maggi Hill are respected suppliers that industry leaders have been relying on since 1986. This is why Hill Associates are highly-valued brand representatives for commercial, hospitality and residential furnishings, lighting, carpet, rugs, fabric, leather and hospitality supplies.


Tony Tsai, Ariston Hospitality

“The Hills, with their dedication and follow through, they do everything the right way.”

Kim Gaiko, Studio Atlantis

“The point with Larry that stands out the most is his responsiveness. A lot of reps take their time answering where he answers us immediately. That’s huge for us! That’s how he wins."

Laura Fettig, Siri Procurement

“The one thing is that Maggi always answers the phone and responds to an email immediately. They answer the phone for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Problems come up and it’s important to know your rep will handle it.”

Heather Van Luchene, HVL Interiors

“I really enjoy working with Larry and Maggi. I go to them because they care about quality and they only have quality lines. If things happen, we want reps who will stand by their products and the Hills always do.”

Kevin Kroeger, Valiant Products Corporation

“We have a strong ally in Larry to make sure the whole process goes smoothly from initial quote to final shipment.”