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Degrenne Products

Degrenne is known for design oriented tableware. Unique, high quality products readily stocked in the USA.


Degrenne Catalog

Gourmet Paysage Bd ©patrick Rougereau Essentielle Patrickrougereau Mondo 2 Bd ©patrick Rougereau Bahia Bd Patrick Rougereau Buffet Evento Ambiance Cocktail Modules Frois Noirs Brosses Dunes White Claude Weber V2 Mini Bol Bahia ©patrick Rougereau Couverts Norway Assiettes Modulo Rectangulaire ©patrick Rougereau Bd Couverts Milady Assiettes Api + Mini Bol Gourmet Cafeterie Et Platerie Newport ©patrick Rougereau Cocotte Bahia Rose Credits Patrick Rougereau Mirage Essence Bd ©patrick Rougereau Couverts Mikado Assiettes Essentielle ©patrick Rougereau Bahia Basalte Bd ©patrick Rougereau Mondo Bols Bd ©patrick Rougereau Couverts Xy Assiettes L Fragment + Gourmet ©patrick Rougereau Couverts Onde Assiettes Eclipse ©patrick Rougereau Bd Salam Teatime Patrickrougereau

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Degrenne products are represented in Arizona, Colorado, El Paso, TX, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming